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From: Brett Riley
Wednesday, 10.12 am

Dear Friend,

If you're like most college students trying to get your foot in the door in one of the most lucrative and prestigious careers around - investment banking - you're struggling to find a way to convert those hard earned job interviews into...

Full-time job offers and internships!

I mean, let's face it. Investment banking interviews are the most stressful, rigorous, and some would say intimidating interviews out there, period.

It's safe to say that there is absolutely no point sending painstakingly written resumes and online applications...then having to pass numerical, verbal and reasoning tests...if you stumble at the last and most important part...

The dreaded investment banking interviews.

TEST: Let's See If You Can Answer
These Common Questions NOW

These interview questions are fired at you in quick succession by two bankers sitting opposite you. Are you capable of answering them on-cue, right now?

  • "How would you calculate the value of a bond?"
  • "What stocks do you follow?"
  • "Do you play golf?"
  • "What's the best idea you've had and how will you top it?"
  • "What is put-call parity?"
  • "Ever had an innovative solution to a complex problem?"
  • "Without using paper, what is 17 x 8.5?"

If you can't answer these now, your chances are slim.

These are only a few of the 80+ questions you could get asked at your investment banking interview... and you only get one chance to make your impression on these busy people!

Did you know that you don't need overcomplicated theories that take countless hours to learn before you know how to answer investment banking technical questions?

You just need (1) some structure and (2) a cheat sheet.

Unfortunately, you may be one of those candidates who was convinced you nailed the interview and got the job...only to have got that devastating call and been rejected, after all that hard work.

To be quite frank, a shocking percentage of the positions at investment banks are now being filled by people with inside contacts within investment banking, so you have to be amongst the very best to get in through the regular process.

But what really makes me wonder is the deep nervousness and anxiety that intelligent, qualified people just like you go through before their investment banking interviews! After some thought, I realized that it comes down to uncertainty...

One, the uncertainty about what the interviewer is going to ask. Two, the uncertainty of how to answer the questions right so that you get offered the job!

I've found that the majority of college graduates lack confidence in corporate interviews, and from a recent survey, 84% were unsure of how to prepare for an interview at an investment bank.

You don't know me yet, I realize, but I'd hate to think that you were wasting your time piecing little bits of information together from the Internet, your friends and your careers advisor...maybe even spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on interview coaching...only to be stressed out and unprepared the night before the big interview, because you realized (too late) that your approach was MASSIVELY flawed from the beginning.

That's why I created this webpage, and put together unmissable information that will help you nail your interview at any investment bank and secure job offers with your dream firms...guaranteed.

The Investment Banking industry
is dominated by world-class
financial institutions like:

Can you take a moment to imagine what kind of an impact an investment banking career with one of these forms could have on your life...financially and personally?

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Citygroup
  • Barclays Capital
  • UBS
  • HSBC
  • Nomura Holdings
  • RBC Capital Markets
  • and many more...

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How I Got FIVE Investment Banking
Job Offers In Less Than 3 Months...

...And Why I'm The Guy To Help YOU!

I know you may have some concerns...

After all...who am I to be giving YOU advice about your investment banking interviews? And, more importantly, how can you trust what I'm telling you?

These are important questions.

My name is Brett Riley, and when it comes to the stress of investment banking interviews, I know exactly how you feel. Believe me, I've been there myself!

My first interview was a total disaster!

Now I realize it, I was only very slightly prepared...I sweated, I somehow stumbled through the technical questions, and sat through those awkward silences where the interviewers just stared at me...talk about intense pressure!

Worst of all, the answers that I did give were just not convincing enough to display that I was the right guy for them. Needless to say, I didn't get the job and was completely confused!

Here I was, thinking I was a smart guy, with good grades...outgoing, confident, with great extracurricular activities and knowledge of the financial world...I knew I was the right person for the job! But on the last hurdle, I stumbled and fell.

So I sat down and thought about why I hadn't performed at interview and only one thought kept coming up...

"There is no substitute for preparation."

I spent weeks talking to banking professionals, recruitment specialists, read books on finance, asked people about their experiences with investment banking interviews...

And finally produced something that I knew would prepare me for my next interview with an investment bank.

I tried using this information...and let's just say that my interview went like a dream... I came prepared, answered the questions with structure, accuracy and confidence, developed a rapport with the interviewer in the process and for invited for a final round interview! Again, I prepared and read books, talked to the right people and found the right information.

My final round at the firm was tough, but I ended up getting a full-time offer! I was ecstatic, excited, but most of all RELIEVED, because I had security for when I left college.

I then went for an interview at another investment bank...the system I had prepared worked, and I got the job...again! I was sure that it was a fluke and I tested it out on a third firm, and guess what...I landed an offer with them too!

By the 5th JOB OFFER I received, I knew I had something very powerful and valuable in my hands and thought to myself, "There's a secret to this..." The interviews were actually getting easier!

I found myself coming from a place where I had been rejected first time from an investment bank, ending up in a position of power, with FIVE real job offers in my hands. I actually got to sit back and choose the firm that I wanted to go to!

Obviously, my roommate at the time came to me for help because he was looking for a job in investment banking too. I gave him the same GOLDMINE of information that I had spent literally weeks preparing...

And I don't have to tell you (but I will!) that he is now working at a top investment bank, earning more than $85,000.

After helping him, it made me think that if we both needed this...many, many hard-working college students and graduates around the world needed this key information to secure their investment banking careers now.

Here's what some people are saying about this page:

He Got A Position At
His #1 Choice Firm...

"I got offered a position at Goldman Sachs for equity trading...your materials played a big part in me getting that position. I was so overwhelmed at one point before the interview, but I remembered what you mentioned about structure and clarity and my answers came off really well. Thank you."

C.A., VA

With Her New Information,
She's Excited To Take On Her
7+ Interviews Coming Up...

"It's nice to get to an investment banking interview and really not stress. There are so many claims in your ads, I was actually amazed to find you lived up to every one of them in your book. Thanks, I'm ready for all my other interviews!! I'll pass the word on to my friends (but not too many of them!) Bye!"

K.J.M., MI

He Surprised Himself With
His Investment Banking
Interview Success...

"...when I read section 4, I didn't think that I would get asked those questions but they pulled out 3 out of 12 questions from that section! I couldn't believe they wanted that kind of information! I would have been totally stuck on those if I hadn't read the book before the interview - thanks for the heads-up."

A.L., TX

He Got An Internship With A
Top European Investment Bank...

"At first I have to admit that I was skeptical about ordering your book. After my first interview, I realized that the first section alone paid for the book hundreds of times over because I got my internship at Deutsche! By the way I used your entire answer that you gave for the negotiation question. Thanks for that"

C.S., London, UK

She's Set To Make Over
$60,000 In Her First Year Alone!

"...it was very weird when I walked into the interview and he actually started doing EXACTLY what you said he would. It was an exhilarating feeling to finally have the 'edge' on the interviewer. I knew exactly what he was setting me up for and how to beat him at his own game lol...by the way, I got an offer at Citigroup! (see how I left that to the end!)"

J.S., NY

He Came Back From Devastating Rejections To Put Himself Amongst
The Top Competitors...

"Brett, I had been rejected from Merrill Lynch, Goldmans and Morgan Stanley after my first interviews, so I needed HELP! I got on the net and I am so lucky that I stumbled across this site a couple of weeks ago. Cut a long story short, my last interview went great and I've got a few more - and I know I'm going to kill those! Keep up the good work IBInterviews. Thanks again!"

M.O., NJ

"The Insider Secrets To Investment
Banking Interview Success"

Introducing: IBInterviews: 80+ Killer
Answers To The Toughest Investment
Banking Interview Questions (2013/14)

No Rambling Theory - just word-for-word answers that you can use at your investment banking interview NOW!
Save Valuable Time Researching - stop surfing the net looking for help...we've literally packed all the information you need for your investment banking interview in one place!
Perfect For Last Minute Preparation - don't worry if you're doing last minute preparation, these are ready for you to use at your interview, even if you have one tomorrow.
Impress Your Interviewer - with detailed knowledge of the financial markets.
Answers To Technical Banking Questions - that you WILL get asked, guaranteed.
Answers To The Fit Or Competency Questions - show the interviewer why you are the right person for the firm.
Get Rock-Solid, Unshakeable Confidence - so you can let your real personality shine through at interview and spend more time developing a rapport with the interviewer.
Undergraduates and Interns - focused at YOU!
80+ REAL Questions From REAL Investment Banks...And The Answers To Them! - almost impossible to find on the Net, which means no more guessing what you'll be asked and what to say!

Quick Example Of A "Fit" Question & Answer

If the interviewer asked me about a time when I had been in a leadership position and there was a difficult member of the team who was causing some aggravation, and how I handled the situation, I would say:

"I decided to sit him down and outlined his specific skills, which were X, Y and Z. I told him that the team needed his skills and of course, his valuable input. I reminded him of how exciting it would be if the team accomplished our goal. I kept a friendly attitude and carefully addressed the fact that his attitudes/actions were not congruent with what I knew he was capable of and reminded him of his past successes. The meeting ended on an energetic note and he assured me of his commitment; he only had to be reminded of why the goal, and why working with our team with his specific expertise, motivated him. He was quickly back on track achieving A, B and C, and ended up a great person to work with. I was proud to have him on our team."

Quick Example Of A Technical Question

Here's what I would say when asked a question like "What is Beta?":

"Well, beta is a measure of the sensitivity of a security's return in relation to the market. If a stock has a beta of more than 1, it means that it is more volatile, or "swings more" than the market. And if a stock has a beta of 1, it is as risky as the market. If the beta is less than 1, the stock moves less than the market. But if a stock with a higer beta and therefore a higher risk would also indicate a higher return and vice versa. Basically, a stable blue-chip would have a beta of close to 1, where a volatile bio-tech firm would probably have a beta of more than 1."

Our surveys have shown that 81% of all investment banking candidates who are rejected at interview level fail because of a lack of preparation.

Only 1% of the 100,000 candidates in ANY intake year are offered jobs... which is why I'm confident that YOU will place yourself amongst that 1%, because I'm about to reveal EVERYTHING...

Here's Just A Small Sample Of The
Priceless Information You're Going
To Learn In IBInterviews...

How to answer questions on stock and company valuation
The effect of key economic indicators on the stock market
The right thing to say when asked how to value different derivatives
How to find quality stocks and industries to talk about at your interview
How to politely and professionally defend yourself when challenged by a tough investment banking interviewer
Important accounting terms which you MUST know before even stepping into an investment banking interview
Discover how to quickly calculate tough math questions in your head
What to say when asked about mergers and acquisitions
The factor that most interviewing experts say is THE most important in approaching banking technical questions
Specific questions that the interviewer will ask you about the firm...you have to know this stuff!
The impact of recent global conflicts on the world economy
How to answer tricky questions about time management
The quantitative formulas that every investment banking candidate should know like the back of their hand!
How to show that you can handle excessive pressure...a MUST for investment bankers
Discover how to answer the dreaded "high stress" questions that investment banking interviews are most well-known for
How to display that you can work long hours in the fast-paced environment of an investment bank
How to communicate effectively with your investment banking interviewer
An insight into how bankers will try to trick you in an interview
How not to get lured into a string of questions that will actually DAMAGE your application
Discover how to demonstrate your negotiation skills...even if you've never had any kind of exposure to the business world!
How to demonstrate your team-building skills
What to say when faced with questions about your failures...this is an absolute essential!
Learn exact key phrases that you can outright STEAL from me and quote that will wow your interviewer...guaranteed!
The information that you MUST know about the bank you're interviewing at...exactly what to look for and exactly where to find it on the Web, so you can be ready to go in record time!
How to tailor your answers to the specific bank and division you are interviewing for...by far the most important factor that can make a difference between a roaring success and a crippling rejection e-mail!


Grammatically Perfect & 100% Ready For YOUR Investment Banking Interview"

With this information, believe me, you'll become an investment banking interview expert in only a few HOURS of reading this eBook. Forget the old idea of going to lots of interviews and learning to "get the hang of it" before you get a job...that could take months, even years.

You can start taking control of your future career now and getting through every interview successfully!

Did you know that once you get an interview at an investment bank and get rejected, you won't be able to get another interview there until the NEXT intake year? It's harsh, but it's a cold, hard FACT.

Think about it...

Is it really WORTH your time and effort filling out those endless applications, passing those numerical, verbal and reasoning tests to finally get an interview...only to let yourself haplessly throw it away because you're not prepared enough?

"Case Study Of 'R.S.' - Someone Just Like You Who Got A FULL-TIME Job Offer At A Bulge Bracket Investment Bank With The Same Strategies You're About To Discover..."

"Last Year, He Made Over $95,000
In Corporate Finance. He Originally
Got His Job By Using Our IBInterviews Program. We Caught Up With Him..."

"R., how did you initially come across us?"

Well I had an interview at the bank I'm currently working at, for a position in corporate finance. I was preparing by searching for questions that were asked at investment banking interviews in Google and came across your site. You had a different website then, but it looked just like what I wanted, so I bought the eBook.

"What did you like most about the book, and what part of it helped you the most at your interview?"

I have to say that your section on technical questions was worth every penny I paid for the book! To be honest, I really didn't know much about what I was applying for, and I just needed to understand what it was about first of all.

I think what I really liked about the book was that it was really well laid out. There wasn't any fluff like the other interview books I had read. It was just all the questions they could ask, and all the answers, of course with advice and tips from IBInterviews.org.

"How did you exactly use the eBook, because I know that many of my customers use it in
different ways..."

I didn't sit there and memorize all the answers! But I did read it thoroughly and remembered all the key points for each question. I think most importantly it built my confidence leading up to the interview. I also followed your 7 day prep guide which involved me doing an hour of focused research each day.

"Finally, how was your interview experience?"

Initially intimidating! I had a few rounds of interviews on different days, with different people, and sometimes with more than one interviewer in the room.

The first interview basically covered section 1 of your book and a part of section 2 (about the economy). The next round covered a lot (a LOT) of technical questions about my division and section 3 basically covered that. I used the bonus materials you gave with the book for all the aptitude tests and team exercises I had to do.

Long story short, they called me a couple of days after the final round and gave me the job. I joined that summer and have been working there ever since. I was made for this!

R.S., NY

We've had testimonials from people just like you who've received job offers in:

But my favorite was recently receiving an order from an INTERVIEWER at a top American Investment Bank who needed a wider range of questions to ask her candidates ;-) !

Investment banking is the most lucrative, exciting, fast-moving and prestigious career out there - Lifetime earnings can go into the millions of dollars, bonuses can be more than 100% of salaries! Give yourself the advantage of getting into this industry.

But just as important, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you can walk into any investment banking interview and ace it...I know it sounds crazy, but it's even kind of fun once you master it... you'll get an offer and then go for multiple offers!

Once you're in the investment bank, sky's the limit. But for now, be concerned with ARMING yourself with the key information you need to get that investment banking job now!

We have already done ALL the work for you... found the questions, written the best responses to those questions, revealed the secrets and strategies that if used correctly, will get you the dream job of a lifetime.

All you have to do is decide whether you are going to take advantage of this one-time opportunity to get your future investment banking career secured for good.

You're going to be the one who walks in cool, calm and collected. You're going to be the one who knows exactly what's going to happen and when. You're going to be the one who knows what to say and exactly when to say it...

And YOU are going to have the advantage over the thousands of applicants competing with you to get into this industry... but who were lazy and didn't get advice from an expert.

"The Most Complete Investment Banking Interview System You'll Find...Anywhere"

And The Best Part Is...

You Can Download It Directly
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Unlike most interview books you find online these days, "IBInterviews: 80+ Answers To The Toughest Investment Banking Interview Questions" contains the exact information you need to nail your investment banking interviews including:

Over 80 specific questions that have been asked at REAL investment banking interviews, with questions added by IBInterviews.org staff and previous customers... so you can benefit from other people's experiences.

Model answers and tips on how to answer every single one of these questions.

5 sections - Fit/competency questions and answers, economy-directed questions and answers, quantitative and technical questions and answers and firm-specific questions and answers.

Questions added by both IBInterviews.org staff AND previous customers...so you can learn exactly what the investment banks are asking right now!

Details of free websites you can visit to obtain crucial financial facts and figures that you WILL need for every investment banking interview you have.

...And that's just for starters!

"I Just Have One Confession To Make..."

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I think you'll agree, I've shown you undeniable, unshakeable PROOF of the results you might expect to achieve, if YOU were to use our SYSTEM to master your investment banking interviews.

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...Almost none of these "success stories" were people with the very best grades, outstanding extra-curricular activities, tons of financial work experience or technical backgrounds.

Over 90% of them were 'regular' college students who simply followed our step-by-step SYSTEM to learn how to do extremely well in their investment banking interviews, with the end result of job offers at some of the most prestigious firms in the world.

But here's what I need to confess:

The fact is, I could say that you'll own the *same* insider strategies that we've shared with all the success stories you've read about here.

But this wouldn't actually be true...

Our *newest* questions, answers and insider secrets are actually far more powerful. And they've all been carefully documented and packed into Version 2013/14 of our "IBInterviews: 80+ Killer Answers To The Toughest Investment Banking Interview Questions" -- which I've JUST RELEASED to the general public, for the first time EVER!

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If you're excited about the 80+ questions, model answers and killer new information that you'll receive in the JUST RELEASED -- Version 2013/14 of our "IBInterviews: 80+ Killer Answers To The Toughest Investment Banking Interview Questions" system...

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I want to be sure that you have every tool, technique, and tip that you could possibly need to guarantee your success -- so I've agreed to give away a Bonus Toolbox of FIVE SUPER BONUSES -- absolutely free:

Super Bonus #1

"18 Killer Questions To Ask The
Investment Banking Interviewer"

(a $27 value - yours )

Did you know that in a recent survey of interviewers, one of the largest factors that completely disqualified a candidate was the fact that they did not ask intelligent questions at the end of the interview?

Take it from me; not asking questions at all makes you look like you're (a) not interested, or (b) not knowledgable at all.

If you think that asking a question like "Can you tell me more about what this role involves?" will set you apart from the other 99% of candidates interviewing that day, you are WRONG!

You need prepared questions to ask at the drop of a hat.

Not only that, but this is a chance for you to find out more about the company and the division you want to work in from an expert...so your questions had better be intelligent.

Never be in a tight spot again with this report we've prepared for you: "18 Killer Questions To Ask The Investment Banking Interviewer"

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"The 7 Day Preparation Guide For
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Let me ask you a question - have you ever been invited to an interview with only a few days left to prepare, but you have absolutely no idea where to start?

Have you ever been stressed out before an interview because you know you've got to prepare NOW, but you have other pressing things to do that day that just can't wait?

If not, you will be in this position at some point in your job search. Maybe you've arrived at this website and you have an investment banking interview in a few days.

At IBInterviews, we've created a unique product that will make that stress a thing of the past. If you have an interview in 7 days time, we will show you how to do your preparation in record time...

E.g. Here's what to do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc...all the way till the morning of the interview.

  • Make the best use of your time - we've compiled a day-by-day preparation plan for you.

  • Know your company - the exact facts and figures to look for when researching your firm.

  • The one thing you can do to put yourself head and shoulders above your competitors!

  • Never feel stressed for any banking interview - ever again!

  • Exactly the same system that I used to prepare 7 days before my interviews to generate 5 finance job offers!

Know this: with "The 7 Day Preparation Guide To Any Investment Banking Interview" you will never again be unprepared for an interview the night before, cramming in random information all the while thinking you're prepared. You will be ready, and in record time!

Super Bonus #3

"How To Succeed At Investment Banking Super/Assessment Days"

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Investment banks are not satisfied with just one interview. You won't hear "You've got the job" right away... they want the best of the best.

That's why they bring you back for second round interviews, final round interviews and assessment days...

These are FULL days that test your abilities with presentations, aptitude tests, group exercises and social events (and then more interviews!)...and here's the best part...you are being watched the entire time by selectors.

With IBInterviews.org's "How To Succeed At Investment Banking Assessment Days" you will learn:

  • What to do in the first minute of a group exercise to immediately set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates

  • How to prepare a professional presentation under difficult time pressure

  • The first and most efficient thing to do when working on a timed case study

  • What to do and what not to do at corporate social events

  • The one thing that all interviewers are looking for in a presentation and how to easily incorporate it into any presentation you are asked to do...

  • How to master an 'in-tray' or 'e-tray' exercise.

This special report will show you EXACTLY what to do (and what not to do!) at investment banking assessment days - quick tips that if you remember, will get you a coveted investment banking career.


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"Power Dressing & Body Language
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If you don't look and act the part, don't expect a job offer from an investment bank Period.

In this Special Report, we will give you advice on everything that's expected in the 2013/14 investment banking job market, from suits, shirts, ties and cologne for men, to blouses, skirts, jewelry, colors and accessories for women.

The complete "professional image" lowdown is in this report...

And we all know first impressions are everything, especially in a highly competitive environment like an investment banking assessment day.

We've even got a CHECKLIST of what you should take to the interview and what you should take them in! Forget these at your peril!

Body language is explained in detail; everything from the handshake, eye contact and posture, to your facial expressions, the way you should sit, and even cross your legs in your interview to give off the BEST impression.

Put all the odds in your favor with this Special Report for 2013/14 we have prepared for you: "Power Dressing & Body Language For Investment Banking Interviews"

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You're in a state of confusion and PANIC...

Hoping that somehow you'll CRAM enough information in your head so that you won't choke at your interview?

Those days will be a thing of the past, because here at IBInterviews we have a simple report that you can print out and take with you to your interview with all the essential tools that you'll need...perfect for those last moments before you have to step into the interview arena.

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With IBInterviews.org's "The Last Minute Document To Take With You To Your Investment Banking Interview" - you will have:

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  • A printable preparation form that you can "fill-in" within 15-20 minutes ready for the morning of your interview.

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I have many clients in the United States, UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. The only 2 real differences would be simple: (1) quoting different educational qualifications (e.g. AS-Levels for the UK) and (2) national indices (i.e. instead of "Where is the Dow?", a question would be "Where is the FTSE/DAX/CAC 40?" etc. The real JUICE you need is all in IBInterviews.

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